Pico Technology is offering passive test probes that allow minimally invasive browsing of broadband signals or data streams out to 9GHz or 18Gbit/s. Called the PicoConnect 900 series, the probes have a tip capacitance of <0.4pF and ground-referred loading of 220Ω to 910Ω.

The probes can interface with oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers with 50Ω inputs and allow you to browse circuitry, backplanes, interconnects and systems, typically without interrupting their function. They are ratio-compensated for their typical application—the probing of transmission lines and ports between 40Ω and 100Ω (80Ω to 200Ω differential)—and achieve measurement accuracy down to a few per cent.

Probe division ratios of divide-by 5, divide-by 10, and divide-by 20 are available in 12 probe models. Each is provided in two probe impedances to suit either low-voltage, high-speed digital applications or high-voltage analogue and pulse applications. All types are available with a DC or AC coupled option. Interchangeable SMA (f) probe heads can be used with any appropriate 50Ω cable.

The passive design of the PicoConnect 900 series probes is inherently resistant to static discharge and demonstrates no significant overload recovery latency or error. Probes and multi-head probe kits are supplied with solder-in accessories in a convenient carry and storage case. Prices start at $699.