Keysight’s Signal Optimizer all-in-one software platform performs calibration, signal creation, and signal analysis of 5G candidate waveforms. The software features fully guided system calibrations and task-based instructions that simplify complex system optimisation and measurements, allowing engineers to confidently validate 5G designs.

Signal Optimizer Figure 1: All-in-one software platform (Source: Keysight)

Signal Optimizer generates and analyses a host of 5G candidate technologies, including FBMC (filter bank multicarrier) and filtered-OFDM. According to Keysight, enhanced LTE for 5G is also being developed, along with new multiple access on existing LTE signals. Future additions are simply licensed and added to the Signal Optimizer software on an as-needed basis.

A typical configuration, comprising the K3101A base calibration program and one signal creation and analysis package—K3102A digital modulation, K3103A 5G candidate on LTE FDD, and K3104A 5G candidate on OFDM—costs $25,000. The K3101A base calibration program uses the U9391 comb generator for amplitude and phase corrections.