With the importance of an ultra-broadband spectral equaliser in astrophysics, spectroscopy and laser sensing applications, Santec has introduced λEqualiser that covers wavelengths of 900nm to 1,750nm based on LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon). The λEqualiser achieves a wavelength resolution of 2nm with an optical attenuation range of 100% to 1%. Optical single mode fibres are available for the optical input and output ports.

The λEqualiser was developed using a WSS (wavelength selective switch) technology in fibre optics and the LCOS-based SLM (spatial light modulator) technology. The “No-moving parts” feature provides excellent reliability in field and precision wavelength managements compared with a conventional two-dimensional micro-mirror device.

Santec equalizer slope-combination filter diagram (cr) Figure 1: Normalised insertion loss chart for slope and combination filters.  

An arbitrary spectral light passed from the λEqualiser can be applied for various emulations and calibrations of light sources.