STMicroelectronics has developed what it describes as a strong yet easy-to-use secure element to protect connected devices in the consumer and industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The company also said the solution avoids cases of cloning or copying of genuine products by safeguarding authenticity.

Certified to the highest security industry standards, the STSAFE-A100 can be designed-in by developers without specialist security expertise thanks to comprehensive support ecosystem.

STSAFE-A100 provides strong authentication services that help make sure only authorised IoT devices can access online services and only authorised accessories or consumables are recognised and accepted by an application. It is compliant with the USB Type-C device-authentication scheme and secures communications with a remote host using Transport Layer Security (TLS) handshaking.


The STSAFE-A100 is a secure turnkey solution that brings the company’s expertise in electronic security for applications such as banking, e-commerce, and identity protection to the IoT, stated ST. As a secure element that provides authentication services and can be used in conjunction with an ordinary MCU, it features an embedded secure operating system and is certified to Common Criteria EAL5+, banking-level security-industry standards.

ST has made design-in of its secure element easy for customers by providing a complete ecosystem that includes an expansion board with Arduino headers, a MCU library and reference implementations. These simplify attaching the STSAFE-A100 to a MCU such as any from the STM32 family.

The STSAFE-A100 secure element is scheduled to enter volume production in July 2016, as a 4mm x 5mm SO8N or 2mm x 3mm UFDFPN8.