NXP Semiconductors’ OL2385 family of turnkey sub-GHz wireless transceivers combines scalable computing, wireless connectivity, embedded security, sensors and software to provide integrated solutions for low-power, industrial IoT applications.

The OL2385 is based on a PIN-to-PIN compatible sub-GHz transceiver hardware platform and supports multiple wireless protocols such as Sigfox, W-MBus powered by Xemex and ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4. The platform is designed to shorten design cycles with NXP software stacks tested for standards compliance and delivered with pre-certified binaries.

A two-way RF channel and common modulation schemes for networking applications allow the OL2385 transceivers to cover a full range of frequency bands from 160 to 960MHz. Its extended range radio operation is enabled with high sensitivity, up to -128dBm, while its operation in congested environments is enhanced with 60dB at 1MHz of blocking performance and 60dB of image. Specifically, the challenges of radio compliance in more complex applications like W-MBus and ZigBee 868 have been addressed in this device.

The hardware and software for the OL2385 platform is provided in a one-stop-shop concept, with components supplied by NXP. Mass production of pre-programmed parts are scheduled to start at the end of Q4/2017.

The W-MBus software is readily available for evaluation and IEEE802.15.4 compliant samples are expected to become available in Q2 2017. W-MBus and IEEE802.15.4 preprogrammed parts are scheduled to become available for mass market in the 2nd quarter of 2017.