Teledyne LeCroy has developed a USB Type-C compliance suite for its Voyager M310C SuperSpeed USB 3.1 protocol verification platform. The automated test suite is based on USB-IF’s USB Type-C Functional Verification Specification.

The test suite allows you to verify the logical USB Type-C port operation and verify compliance to the verification specification for devices using the USB Type-C interface. According to Mike Micheletti, USB Product Manager at Teledyne LeCroy's Protocol Solutions Group, "Simultaneously generating USB 3.1 Gen-2 traffic while initiating logical USB Type-C state transitions and role swap events really showcases the flexibility of the Voyager M310C for end-to-end USB Type-C testing."

The compliance suite uses emulation scripts to mimic USB Type-C port behaviour. It communicates with the device-under-test (DUT) using standard USB Type-C cabling. You can initiate the test suite and generate pass/fail reports with a single click.

Teledyne Lecroy USB-C Compliance Suite Figure 1: A screen shot of the USB Type-C Compliance Suite UI. The product is built using an open architecture that allows access to an extensive library of test scripts. Source: Teledyne LeCroy.

Teledyne LeCroy claims the software introduces some of the most demanding test cases ever conceived for a USB device. "Each individual USB Type-C test requires numerous state transitions which, in many cases, can only be observed through precise voltage, timing and protocol measurements on the Configuration Channel (CC) pins. Empirically detecting these state changes without impacting the DUT behaviour adds significant complexity to the USB Type-C test suite," explained Joe Mendolia, VP of Marketing at Teledyne LeCroy's Protocol Solutions Group.

The product is built using an open architecture that allows access to an extensive library of test scripts you can repurpose for your own test development. The USB Type-C Compliance Suite also addresses power states on VBUS and VCONN, and Source, Sink, DRP behaviors as well.

The company provides software updatesat no additional cost to PD Compliance Suite end-users.