Ams has added the AS7225 tuneable white lighting smart system sensor to its portfolio of sensor-integrated tuneable-white lighting products.

With the addition of the AS7225, OEM lighting manufacturers can access Ams’ closed-loop CCT tuning and daylight compensation, while retaining the existing host microprocessor architecture in their smart lighting design. The result is higher precision, more flexible LED binning, and lower system costs for tuneable white lighting systems, according to the company.

The AS7225 is equipped with the embedded tri-stimulus CIE XYZ colour sensor to enable precise colour sensing with direct mapping to the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) 1931 colour space, which is recognised as the standard coordinate definition for human colour perception. CCT and daylighting tuning directives are communicated to the host microprocessor via an industry-standard I2C interface, allowing IoT smart lighting manufacturers to avoid costly calibration and tuning algorithm development and reduce time to deployment.

An extension of Ams’ Cognitive Lighting smart lighting manager family, the AS7225 is available in a 4.5mm x 4.7mm LGA package, for flexible integration into luminaires, light-engines and larger replacement lamps, such as LED linear T-LED products. The device provides precise CCT tuning direction between configured warm and cool white LED strings within a luminaire. In addition to the CCT- tuning functions, the AS7225 can also be used in luminaire designs to provide precise daylight management or can deliver combined CCT-tuning and daylighting directives by the addition of ams’ TSL4531 ambient light sensor.

Pricing for the AS7225 spectral tuning IoT smart lighting manager is set at $2.40 in quantities of 5,000 pieces, and is available in production volumes now.