Diodes has launched the AH1389 unipolar hall switch IC that offers high sensitivity with a tight magnetic operating window across its full operating voltage and temperature range. It provides dual outputs for detecting north or south poles independently.

Output 1 will switch on in the presence of a north pole with a magnetic flux strength that is below -25G and release when the flux exceeds -20G, according to the company. Similarly, output 2 will switch in the presence of a south pole with a magnetic flux magnitude greater than 25G and release when the flux magnitude falls below 20G.

Optimised for portable and battery-powered applications, the micropower AH1389 operates from a 1.6V to 3.6V supply while consuming an average current of 4μA. The device is specified for operation over a -40°C to 85°C temperature range and provides an ESD rating of 8kV for improved reliability and ease of handling during end-equipment manufacture.

Applications include open/close detection for smart cover switches for cell phones and tablets, in addition to holster and dock detection for phones. It also features 360° rotation detection for display screens, video camera screen position detection, as well as position detection for doors, trays, selector switches and electronic locks in home appliances.