NXP Semiconductors has announced at CES 2017 its USB Type-C solution for rapid charging. This end-to-end system includes rapid charging coupled with USB PD PHY for a fully compliant Type-C Port Controller (TCPC) implementation.

The system includes a Type-C port controller, 6A direct charger and direct charging interface, as well as USB-PD controllers for a complete fast charging way from wall to battery. This supports USB Type-C connector to transmit data, video and power simultaneously, while enabling power on-demand for phone charging, as well as rapid charging for both mobile and computing devices in one unit. The direct charger also allows consumers to charge their smartphones faster while reducing the amount of heat generated by providing accurate voltage and current regulation loops designed to protect the battery and system.

For broad interoperability, the company claims the solution is one of the first to offer USB power delivery with the USB-IF standards body.