2016-06-08 - Susan Nordyk

24W flyback regulator simplifies DC/DC converter design

Linear Tech’s LT8304 samples the isolated output voltage directly from the primary-side flyback waveform, eliminating the need for an optoisolator…

2016-06-08 - Julien Mottin

Understanding the math behind self-driving cars

The SAE categorises the capabilities of a fully autonomous car as Level 5, the highest category, but Leti researchers devised…

2016-06-07 - Christian Rausch

Utilise CFL ballast to drive LEDs

Learn how you can use a CFL-ballast IC for driving a string of as many as 64 LEDs. A ballast…

2016-06-07 - John Cosley

Common issues with WGL scan data structures

Here is a look at a number of common problems and misunderstandings when it comes to WGL files with scan…

2016-06-07 - Antonio Eguizabal

Scope helps obtain Bode plots in non-50Ω environments

Here's a vertical amplifier that isolates high-Z circuit from low-Z network-analyser input.

2016-06-07 - Concept Engineering

Schematic engine touts JavaScript, HTML5 -based capabilities

The latest Nlview from Concept Engineering enables interactive tools for design debugging, design visualisation and automated design creation that seamlessly…

2016-06-07 - Bike2 Aps

Hybrid powertrain redefines e-bike concept

Bike2 Aps brings an innovative powertrain found in BMW i8 sports cars, as well as in boats and aircrafts, into…

2016-06-07 - Susan Nordyk

Encapsulated DC/DC converters flaunt up to 60W output

The DTE20, DTE40 and DTE60 series from XP Power each comprise eight models offering of choice of two 4:1 input…

2016-06-07 - DDC

DDC intros modular position, torque, speed motor controller

The PW-87/88 series is available with 600VDC/1.2kVDC, up to 75A output current, and is easily configured for optimal motor performance…

2016-06-06 - Susan Nordyk

14V PMIC boasts peak currents up to 3A

Exar’s XR77103 features an I2C interface that is used to control output voltage from 0.8V to 6V, switching frequency from…