2016-06-10 - Power Integrations

LED driver ICs simplify bulbs, tubes and ballasts up to 22W

Featuring a very compact footprint, the LED driver IC enables the design of LED bulbs and tubes with high constant-current accuracy while using a minimum number of components.

2016-06-10 - Peter Demchenko

LED current regulator features low dropout

Read about a circuit that regulates the current through one or more LEDs, making it almost independent of supply voltage.

2016-06-10 - Jeremy Willden

Testing FPGA’s thermal characteristics

By applying forward bias to parasitic diodes, you can smoke out those pesky thermal parameters.

2016-06-09 - Vishay Intertechnology

Film chip resistor delivers working voltages up to 1.4kV

The Vishay Techno CDMV series is offered in various termination styles, materials and configurations, and offer a single-component replacement for discrete resistors used in voltage division applications.

2016-06-09 - Susan Nordyk

Handheld tester speed-certifies Ethernet network speed

Platinum Tools’ Net Chaser tests for noise in the network, detecting faults in the cable wiring and ensuring that cables are able to support the speed capabilities of active components.

2016-06-09 - ARM

ARM physical IP for ARM Cortex-A73 rides TSMC 16FFC process

ARM’s Artisan FinFET platform is optimised for TSMC 16FFC process and will enable ARM SoC partners to design high performance implementations of Cortex-A73 for mobile and other consumer applications.

2016-06-09 - Peter Clarke

Contact-free sensor technology receives $5M backing

The Sensifree technology uses RF signal to sense movement in the radial artery wall to track heart rate, and in the future blood pressure. Having taken the pulse digital signal processing is used to extract more information.

2016-06-09 - KAIST

Computers that roll up like paper coming soon

A Korean research team has developed highly flexible OLEDs with excellent efficiency by using graphene as a transparent electrode placed in between titanium dioxide and conducting polymer layers.

2016-06-09 - Derek Vanditmars

Add manual reset to standard three-pin-reset supervisor

By simply incorporating a couple of resistors, a capacitor, and a pushbutton switch, you can transform a standard three-pin-reset supervisor into a manual reset.

2016-06-09 - Mark Patrick

Enabling smarter power conversion, management

There is an opportunity for the IoT to play a crucial role in meeting energy efficiency targets by enabling greater control over energy use.