2016-06-08 - Jordan Dimitrov

Analogue switch converts 555 timer into PWM

Learn how an integrated CMOS switch enhances a PWM oscillator.

2016-06-08 - Grant Smith

Current mirror boosts PWM regulator’s performance

Here is how to reduce Miller Effect to enhance an SMPS' performance and reduce component count.

2016-06-08 - Susanne Nell

Inexpensive current monitor tracks high dc currents

Here's a cheap, low-power current-measurement circuit that's useful for measurements of modest accuracy.

2016-06-08 - Steve Hageman

Digital-I/O circuit adapts to different interface voltages

Read about a flexible digital-interface circuit designed around a MAX7301 I/O expander from and a programmable linear-power supply.

2016-06-08 - Al Dutcher

Low-cost inductance tester uses few components

This circuit, along with a frequency counter or oscilloscope, measures unmarked inductors.

2016-06-08 - John Dunn

Grasping Y-factor and antenna testing

A technique for testing an RF or microwave amplifier's properties may also be applied to antennas.

2016-06-08 - Texas Instruments

40A converter touts true differential remote-voltage sensing

The SWIFT TPS548D22 DC/DC converter contains a small PowerStack package and integrated MOSFETs to drive ASICs and DSPs in space-constrained applications.

2016-06-08 - Analog Devices

24bit sigma-delta ADCs target energy, healthcare devices

ADI’s AD7768 series includes a power scalable modulator and digital filter on each channel to enable the synchronised, precise measurement of both AC and DC signals in instrumentation applications.

2016-06-08 - Susan Nordyk

24W flyback regulator simplifies DC/DC converter design

Linear Tech’s LT8304 samples the isolated output voltage directly from the primary-side flyback waveform, eliminating the need for an optoisolator or third winding for regulation.

2016-06-08 - Julien Mottin

Understanding the math behind self-driving cars

The SAE categorises the capabilities of a fully autonomous car as Level 5, the highest category, but Leti researchers devised a novel solution to address challenge of enabling a fully self-driving car.