No assembly required for this compact 3D printer

Article By : Christoph Hammerschmidt

The 3D printer is 30% more compact in size and connects to its environment through a Wi-Fi interface.

3D printing machines vendor XYZprinting has introduced its latest model, the da Vinci Mini w, which boasts a robust performance, easy handling, Wi-Fi capability and, most of all, a price level that suits even newbies and home users.

With a price tag of $331 (€299), the da Vinci Mini w is currently the most affordable model in XYZprinting’s product line. Since it connects to its environment through a Wi-Fi interface, it can easily be transported and operated.

[EDNA da vinci 01]
__Figure 1:__ *The da Vinci Mini w is office compatible. (Source: XYZprinting)*

The 3D printer is also 30% more compact in size, but has the same printing capabilities as other products in the da Vinci Junior family. Its size of 15cm x 15cm x 15cm makes printer office compatible for its compactness. It is ready for printing right out of the transport packaging—no parameters need to be set and no assembly is required, according to the vendor.

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