Oscilloscope extends vertical resolution beyond 10 bits

Article By : Teledyne LeCroy

HDO9000 offers 10bit resolution, bandwidths of 1GHz to 4GHz and sample rates of 40GS/s for debug in high definition.

Teledyne LeCroy has rolled out the latest addition to its high definition oscilloscope line. The HDO9000 uses HD1024 high definition technology that automatically optimises vertical resolution under each measurement condition to deliver 10 bits of vertical resolution.

The combination of the next-generation MAUI with OneTouch user interface with a big, bright, 15.4in capacitive touch screen takes oscilloscope efficiency, intuitiveness, and ease of use to a completely new level. The addition of the HD1024 technology to an exceptionally deep analysis toolbox enables the HDO9000 to easily uncover difficult to find signal abnormalities.

A critical element of the HDO9000 is HD1024 technology, which provides 10 bits of vertical resolution with 4GHz bandwidth. Waveforms are displayed clearly and crisply, unmasking fine signal details that cannot be seen on conventional 8-bit oscilloscopes. HD1024 technology enables HDO9000 High Definition oscilloscopes to automatically and dynamically determine the best ADC configuration under each specific measurement condition. Thus, the oscilloscope always provides optimal resolution. By utilising optimised filtering, the HDO9000 can extend vertical resolution beyond 10 bits to as much as 13.8 bits. As with all members of Teledyne LeCroy's HDO family, the HDO9000 sports an exceptionally low-noise system architecture that delivers outstanding effective number of bits (ENOB).

The HDO9000 and MAUI with OneTouch also allows users to perform all common operations with a single touch of the display, optimising for convenience and efficiency. Users' instinctive interaction with the oscilloscope dramatically reduces measurement setup time. Meanwhile, the 15.4in high resolution capacitive touch screen's bright display and quick responsiveness further enhances the efficiency and intuitiveness of MAUI with OneTouch.

In addition to the versatile standard toolset, Teledyne LeCroy offers a broad variety of optional software packages to equip HDO9000 for all validation and debug requirements ranging from automated standards compliance packages to flexible debugging toolkits. A suite of protocol-specific measurement and eye diagram packages complements the industry's most intuitive trigger and decode software. The serial data packages augment HDO9000's already deep and powerful toolbox of math, measurement, debug, and documentation tools, bringing unsurpassed analysis capabilities to the bench or lab. Application-specific packages enable streamlined debug for common design and validation scenarios. Options include digital filtering, spectrum analysis, device and switching power supply analysis, and more. Advanced customisation options allow users to define their own parameters and math functions for unique and limitless analysis capabilities.

The mixed signal (-MS) models have 16 digital lines which can be used for trigger, decode, and measurements for analysing timing irregularities or for general-purpose debug of digital designs. Additionally, the HDO9000 is compatible with the HDA125 High-speed Digital Analyser, with 12.5GS/s digital sampling rate on 18 input channels, and the revolutionary QuickLink probing solution for high performance digital acquisitions. These mixed signal options allow analog channels to be reserved for observing physical layer defects.

Available immediately, the HDO9000 is available in 1, 2, 3, or 4GHz bandwidths with U.S. list prices ranging from $21,250 to $37,400. Additionally, -MS versions of each model are available with 16 digital channel sampling at 1.25GS/s for an additional $3,000.

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