Potentiometers increase precision for audio, light mixing

Article By : Bourns

Bourns’ 100mm slide potentiometers enable thin design and long product life in pro audio and lighting mixing consoles.

Bourns has added two slide potentiometers to its audio and lighting line-up.

The first is the Model PTL01 100mm slide potentiometer with LED designed for level controls in audio mixing, light mixing and broadcast consoles, or for sound processors. The 100mm slide length enables more precise setting compared to shorter potentiometers. Its thin design allows multiple slide potentiometers to be mounted side-by-side in a relatively small space. Available in a wide range of LED colours, Model PTL01 offers a variety of standard resistance values and tapers to match a broad scope of equipment requirements.

The other is the Model PSP01 motorised master slide potentiometer with an extended cycle life of up to 1 million cycles. This 100mm slide potentiometer features a motor with direct drive belt design that offers smooth operation compared to side mount motor drives. Furthermore, Model PSP01 integrates a touch sense lever for automated pro audio mixing consoles, broadcast consoles and pro lighting consoles/controllers.

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