Renesas simplifies motor control design for industrial, home appliance applications

Article By : Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas Electronics' highly integrated motor control ICs and starter kit improve motor efficiency by 35%, reduce board size by up to half, and accelerate motor control application development.

Renesas Electronics Corp. has expanded its motor control solutions portfolio with two system-in-package (SiP) solutions to simplify brushless DC (BLDC) motor control design for a wide range of cordless battery-powered applications such as power tools, drones, water pumps, vacuums, cleaning robots, fans, and other systems.

Combining multiple functions into an SiP solution, the new RAJ306001 and RAJ306010 motor drive ICs deliver improved low-speed or high-speed rotation and high torque control compared with competitive solutions while minimizing required board space and reducing solution cost. This results in a turnkey design for easy, efficient, and safe BLDC motor control.

The RAJ306001 and RAJ306010 are single-package motor control ICs that control three-phase BLDC motors used in a wide range of battery-powered devices. The ICs integrate an RL78/G1F microcontroller (MCU) and pre-driver into an 8x8mm QFN package. The highly integrated SiP form factor allows customers to eliminate as many as 30 external components shrinking the solution area by up to 50% and with lower control system costs.

Designed with heat management in mind, the new ICs feature self-aligned dead time (SADT) to prevent the shoot through and offer adjustable pre-driver output current capacity—up to 500mA—to drive large-capacity MOSFETs,  which makes heat dissipation design easier. This allows the ICs to drive MOSFETs at the optimum switching timing—reducing FET switching margin times to approximately 1/10 the time compared with conventional systems and enabling highly efficient motor drive control with reduced heat generation.

“Cordless devices offer many conveniences for users, and with the prevalence of motor-based devices such as power tools cutting the cord, demand is high for motor control solutions that deliver higher output levels, long-term operation, and safety improvements while adhering to size and cost constraints,” said Chris Stephens, Vice President of Communications & Motor Control, Industrial and Communications Business Division at Renesas. “Smaller ,lighter, and more reliable with long life than brushed DC motors, BLDC motors are a very effective solution to these challenges, and we are excited to introduce our new sensor-less motor control ICs, which pack the increased control, high-precision, and high-efficiency levels customers require in a smaller package.”

Domel Inc., a global supplier of electric motors, vacuum motors, blowers, and components, is integrating Renesas’ new motor control IC technology into a cordless vacuum system.

“By combining Domel and Renesas technologies, we can provide customers complete, competitive and innovation solutions,” said Peter Korošec, President and CEO at Domel. “Our collaboration with Renesas allows us to offer our customers complete vacuum motor systems with best-in-class in performance, quality and reliability such as our first venture – a cordless vacuum solution with over 300W air power performance using our new BLDC vacuum motor and Renesas’ motor drive and battery management solutions that operates up to an hour at full speed between charges.”

The RAJ306001 or RAJ306010 ICs can be combined with Renesas’ complementary analog and power offerings to create comprehensive solutions for a variety of motor control applications.

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