Renesas smart gate driver integrates analog power components

Article By : Renesas Electronics Corp.

The RAA227063 pairs with a variety of MCUs to deliver efficient, flexible motor control in a smaller footprint.

Renesas Electronics Corp.’s RAA227063 Smart Gate Driver for brushless DC (BLDC) motors is programmable via an SPI interface, enabling it to support both motors with rotor position sensors and sensorless applications. It also provides programmable gate drive voltage, offering support for N-channel MOSFETs typically used in motor inverter designs, as well as GaN FETs used where high power density is required. The RAA227063 is scalable to support multiple MCUs, including a wide range of Renesas offerings.

In addition to its unique flexibility, the RAA227063 three-phase FET driver is highly integrated. It includes a 500mA buck-boost converter that powers low-voltage logic directly from the battery pack with better power efficiency (90%) compared to traditional LDOs (40%). It also includes a 200mA LDO regulator that can power both an MCU and additional analog peripherals.

Three integrated current sense amplifiers with programmable gain enable easy programming for multiple shunt configurations. This high level of integration simplifies design, cuts overall BOM cost, and reduces board space requirements by 30 percent or more.

Renesas has combined the RAA227063 with complementary components that work together seamlessly to create Winning Combinations for motor control solutions. An example of one of these Winning Combinations is the BLDC Traction Motor Drive design that also includes Renesas’ new RA6T2 MCU optimized for motor control applications.


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