Retail transformation at the point of sale

Article By : Clientron

Here's how Clientron was able to address Wanda Pet Group's need for a robust and future-proof point-of-sale (POS) system.

Established in 1999, the Wanda Pet Group is a well-known retailer with nearly 70 outlets across Taiwan providing a wide variety of foods, toys, medicines, and other care products for pets. With their recent diversification into services, such as grooming and housing, Wanda needed a robust and future-proof Point-of-Sale (POS) system. The new system must handle sales, inventory, and merchandise logistics, as well as flexible appointment scheduling, online-to-offline (O2O) promotions and reward programs, and new service categories that can meet the needs of a fast-evolving market.

Wanda chose the Clientron all-in-one PT2500 retail system.

Smooth Integration and Operation

With the Clientron PT2500, sales checkout is intuitive and seamless, with both its hardware and software tailored to meet the needs of busy retailers for scale and flexibility, including smooth integration with proprietary software.

Enhanced Customer Relations and Upsales

The PT2500 compiles email addresses, payment information, and other customer data, saving time during customer interactions while making it easier to offer, monitor, and innovate promotions, rewards programs, and value-adds.

Enhanced Employee Management

The PT2500 can track staff work hours, eliminating the need for separate time clocks while providing easy access to this data for calculating paychecks, holiday rates, and vacation time. It also facilitates employee performance monitoring. For example, during personnel training, the system can provide notifications, instructions, and even follow-up reminders.

Enhanced Inventory Management

Inventory monitoring and order are not always seamless. But with the PT2500, sales can be tracked across multiple locations, with automated inventory control even through third-party management systems. In addition, easy lookup of available quantities, prices, and product details make for smoother relations with your customers.

Improved Tax Management

The PT2500 simplifies tax reporting by making all required data quickly and easily available while ensuring correct sales or gross receipt tax calculation at the point of sale, minimizing sales and accounting errors.

Superb Design

The Clientron PT2500 offers a comfortable 15-inch dust-resistant and spill-resistant touchscreen and a durable fanless IP64-rated aluminum alloy chassis that minimizes damage and downtime. The Intel® Core CPU provides plenty of processing power, while the easily removable drive bay handles present and future storage needs. USB ports on both sides of the terminal enable easy and convenient connection with barcode scanners, thermal printers, label printers, and other peripherals.

Easy Transformation

With the PT2500’s reliability and capability, Wanda has the flexibility to evolve with the times, without having to worry about new technical problems creeping up, such as point-of-sales errors or failures that might lead to an angry customer, making a scene on the premises, or posting a one-star review online later. And with its employee management and promotion innovation capabilities, the PT2500 puts digital transformation of Wanda’s entire business within reach, without the usual technical learning curve, empowering them to do their business, grow their business, and evolve their business.


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