RF generators output frequencies up to 6 GHz

Article By : Susan Nordyk

Siglent’s SSG5000X series of signal generators sources analog and vector signals up to 6 GHz with a frequency setting resolution of 0.001 Hz.

Siglent’s SSG5000X series of RF signal generators sources analog and vector signals with a frequency range of 9 kHz to 4 GHz or 6 GHz, a frequency setting resolution of 0.001 Hz, and an amplitude resolution of 0.01 dB. Within the series, the SSG5000X-V models feature internal IQ modulation with an RF modulation bandwidth up to 150 MHz and an arbitrary waveform playback function.

Siglent PR image of the SSG5000X-V-2 signal generator

All four instruments in the SSG5000X(-V) lineup have a phase noise specification of -120 dB/Hz at 1 GHz and a 20-kHz offset (typical). The regulated maximum output level goes up to +20 dBm (settable up to +26 dBm), and the minimum output level is -130 dBm (settable down to -140 dBm). SSG5000X units can be upgraded with an optional OCXO module for improved temperature stability.

SSG5000X-V vector signal generators are intended for more advanced applications where complex modulated signals are required. A custom mode allows fast setup of standard modulation schemes like ASK, FSK, PSK, and QAM with a symbol rate of up to 120 Msamples/s. Standard waveform files are built-in, including 5G NR, LTE, WLAN, WCDMA, and Bluetooth.

The signal generators have a 5-in. touch display with keyboard and mouse support. Standard interfaces include USB host, USB device, and LAN. GPIB is optional. The 4-GHz versions are upgradeable to 6 GHz with a software license key.

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