RFID tags integrate multiple sensors

Article By : Susan Nordyk

The PCT100 and PCT200 not only integrate multiple sensors in a single tag but offer more than 10 times the operational power of standard passive RFID tags.

RFIDs are not new but what Powercast has brought in the recently announced PCT100 and PCT200 passive RFID tags is multiple sensors in a single tag. With a read range of 10m, along with an RF operating range of -17 dBm to +20 dBm, the manufacturer claims the tags have more than 10 times the operational power of standard passive RFID tags.

The PCT100 enables battery-free wireless sensing and reads data within seconds. The PCT200 adds a battery with the ability to recharge using any standard RFID reader’s field. With up to one month of battery life without recharging, the PCT200 offers long-lasting data logging while outside the RF field.

Both units furnish a frequency range of 860 MHz to 960 MHz, conversion efficiency of up to 75%, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. A “Find Tag” feature allows users to locate a specific tag by illuminating an onboard LED.

Tags can be configured with one, two, or three sensors in any combination to permit RFID-based monitoring of temperature, humidity, and light. Additional sensor types are planned for future release. Sample quantities with evaluation software are available from distributors Mouser, Arrow, and Future Electronics. Large quantities range from $10 to $35, depending on configuration.

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