Rohm integrates BM620xFS with 600V MOSFET

Article By : Susan Nordyk

The BM620xFS-EVK-001 series boards have been integrated with 600V MOSFET, motor controller, and gate driver in single-moulded package.

Six of Rohm's reference boards have been integrated 600V fan-motor drivers, simplifying inverter configuration in home appliances, such as ceiling fans and air conditioning units. The BM620xFS-EVK-001 series boards integrate any of six different BM620xFS drivers, offered in three different drive types and two output currents.

Combining the 600V MOSFET, motor controller, and gate driver in a single-moulded package, the BM620xFS series drivers offer a choice of 120° square, 150° wide-angle, and 180° sinusoidal waveform commutation and a maximum output of 1.5A or 2.5A. The reference boards allow evaluation of the three-phase brushless motor drivers.

Boards are available through distributors Digi-Key and Mouser. All required materials, including startup guides, user manuals, and datasheets, can be downloaded from the Rohm website.

Prices for the BM620xFS-EVK-001 series reference boards start at $133.75 each.

First published on EE Times.

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