Save time in designing power supplies via LTpowerCAD

Article By : Henry Zhang

LTpowerCAD design tool provides a systematic and simple way for designing the key parameters of a power supply in five steps.

Since solution size, efficiency, thermal and transient performance are all critical for advanced power solutions, it is more efficient and cost effective to design customised onboard power solutions for a specific application, rather than use commercial power supply bricks. To system engineers, designing and optimising switching mode power supplies is becoming a more common and necessary task. Unfortunately, this task is often time consuming and technically challenging.

To design and optimise an onboard power supply, the conventional “paper-design” approach can be difficult and time consuming. Even for experienced power designers, the “paper design” approach and trial and error method are time consuming and difficult, and also inaccurate, lacking optimum results. It can take hours, days or even longer. To save the user time and effort, and to achieve a high quality design solution, the LTpowerCAD design tool has been developed by Linear Technology. This design tool provides a powerful, easy-to-use method for designing the key parameters of a new power supply in five steps.

There are many existing design examples, including Linear Technology demo boards and data sheet circuits in the LTpowerCAD solution library. Users can also save their designs using this tool to build their own solution library. Engineers can leverage such solutions and use them as a quick starting point for future power supply designs. Furthermore, an LTpowerCAD design can be exported as an LTspice simulation circuit to check time domain supply waveforms and transient performances.

In summary, the LTpowerCAD design tool helps system engineers quickly design a new solution with good results, and minimum effort and time.

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