2020-03-10 -

How high speed data converters enable flexible RF sampling architectures

Digital transceivers have for many years been used in a wide variety of applications, including terrestrial cellular networks, satellite communications and radar-based surveillance and Earth observation and monitoring. Their capabilities will have a direct impact on the efficiency and system cost of new 5G mobile networks. Traditionally, transceiver system engineers have used intermediate frequency architectures […]

2020-03-05 -

Advanced wide band sampling solution for direct digitization of the K-band – extending the boundaries of RF possibility

In a world of exploding digital content, growing numbers of Internet users and connected IoT devices, there’s an insatiable need for ever expanding communication network capacity. To that end, Teledyne e2v, in its ongoing push to explore the boundaries of digital microwave sampling has recently demonstrated an experimental set-up. It provides direct digital down conversion […]

2020-03-05 -

A Comparison of RF sampling and Intermediate Frequency Architectures with High-Speed Data Converters

Digital transceivers have been used widely for the past decades for multiple purposes. In particular, they are the source of most of our communication capabilities today from radio transmission to satellite based communication including the future 5G network. Most radar systems are also using digital transceivers to generate and recover microwave frequencies in order to […]

2020-03-05 -

SYNCHRONIZATION CHAINING, Simplifying Multi-channel Synchronization in Gigahertz Data Converters

This document explains the relative ease with which deterministic operation of Teledyne-e2v’s giga-sample broadband ADCs can be established to facilitate sample synchronization across multiple ADC channels especially in massively parallel sampling systems. Or more straightforwardly, this is a simple guide to using the SYNC chain functionality. Information provided is pertinent to systems using digital beam-forming […]

2019-03-14 -

DC-DC Converters – ST1PS01

The ST1PS01 is a nano-quiescent miniaturized synchronous step-down converter. This converter is designed for applications where high efficiency, PCB size & thickness are the key factors. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.

2019-03-14 -

ST VIPer01 – High Voltage Converter

The device is a high voltage converter smartly integrating an 800 V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET with PWM current mode control. The power MOSFET with 800 V breakdown voltage allows the extended input voltage range to be applied, as well as the size of the DRAIN snubber circuit to be reduced. The admin of this site […]

2019-02-13 -

Optimize Doherty power amplifiers

Doherty designs achieve high efficiency, greater linearity and increased output power. Get deep insight into your design with a dual-path, precisely synchronized source driving the Doherty amplifier and improve your yield. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.