2019-11-25 -

Electric Vehicle Succeeds in Using PLECS Simulation and Real-Time Testing

PLECS is the tool of high-speed simualtions of power electronic systems. It serves as a reference for all technical aspects during design, verification and maintenance. From Offline Simulation to Real-Time Testing all can make it in PLECS which could be used in electric vehicle, power supply, energy storage, solar power, wind power, renewable, motor drives, […]

2019-10-23 -

The SiC automotive challange

This paper will address the main objectives of the WInSiC4AP project for automotive with a focus on innovations in SiC technology and the package. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.

2019-03-13 -

Robust Automotive 40V Power MOSFETs for Safer Vehicles

The most advanced 40V power MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics properly fulfill all the mechanical, environmental and electrical characteristics requested by automotive safety systems, such as EPS (Electric Power Steering) and EPB (Electric Park Brake). These electro-mechanical systems have to be compliant to the automotive AEC Q101 specifications and, specifically, the low voltage MOSFETs have to sustain […]

2017-06-13 -

Future-proof car networks tomorrow’s gateway processors

Gone are the days when we used single wires in cars as control lines between switches and the actuators, like lights and wipers. Today’s cars make modern comfort, safety and security functions possible with networked communication. You will soon require new network architectures to cope with growing data and data security requirements. Download Renesas’s whitepaper […]