Product brief

2020-01-02 -

Winbond High Performance Serial NAND Product Brief

A better high-density storage option for sophisticated automotive display applications–Winbond new High Performance Serial NAND enables a data transfer rate four times faster than Parallel NAND and other Serial NAND currently on the market. Transferring data at 83MB/s, which far exceeds competing NAND flash on the market, Winbond’s new solution accelerates instrument cluster boot-up time… […]

2019-07-02 -

Automotive Smart High-side Switch, PROFET™+ 2 for 12V applications

The highly integrated PROFET™ family (PROtected FET) incorporates a broad range of smart features like diagnosis and protection. PROFET™ intelligent power high side switches consist of a DMOS power transistor and CMOS logic circuitry for complete built-in protection. These products offer protection against e.g. overload, overtemperature, short circuit for all kinds of automotive and industrial […]

2019-07-02 -

Thermal behaviour of PROFET™+2 12 V in PG-TSDSO package

This document shows how to design an optimal printed circuit board (PCB) using PROFET™+2 12V family in PG-TSDSO-14 package. The PROFET™+2 12V family was developed to replace relays, fuses and discrete circuits. A properly designed printed circuit board base on PROFET™+2 requires that the device junction temperature remains within absolute maximum ratings. The admin of […]

2019-07-02 -

1200 V CoolSiC™ Schottky diode in TO-247

CoolSiC™ Schottky diodes generation 5 in 1200 V class are now available in a TO-247 real 2-pin package, for easy exchange of bipolar silicon (Si) diodes commonly used today. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.

2019-07-02 -

MERUS™ Multilevel Class D auido amplifier

Infineon MERUS™is designed to overcome the limitation of the traditional class D amplifier. MERUS™audio is a new generation amplifier develop to deliver high efficiency at all listening level. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.