2019-11-04 -

Power the Brighter and More Efficient Outdoor Lighting- Wentai 240W series Dimmable LED Driver

Wentai newly announced independent LED driver-240W Dimming series is 4-in-1-dimmable driver, available with from 12V to 54V output voltage options. The 240W Dimming series is suitable for locations down to -40°C and up to 70°C ambient temperature. All models of 240W series is perfect for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications such as LED […]

2019-03-20 -

The Unprecedented LED Driver design for LED application solution

The global leading LED driver brand, MEAN WELL officially announces the XLG family. Launched in December 2018, XLG family is the new generation of the excellent-cost-performance metal case LED driver. Due to its cutting-edge constant power design and other features, the release of the XLG family has already received wide and high recognition from customers. […]