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2020-02-21 -

Important things to know about NG eCall

On 31 March 2018, all new European cars must have eCall to guarantee immediate assistance to motorists involved in serious collision. With mobile operators switching off the GSM network soon, next generation eCall (NG eCall) running on LTE network is coming up next. The advantage – fast, robust solution, high data rate, easily extensible, no […]

2020-02-21 -

Gate Drive Measurement Considerations

Gate driver enables power switches to turn on and off faster, improving the rise and fall times. Fast switching means higher efficiency and higher power density, reducing losses in power stage associated with high slew rates. However, as slew rates increse, challenges in measurement and characterization uncertainty increases too. Read this whitepaper for effective measurement […]

2020-02-21 -

Introduction to the vehicle-to-everything communications service V2X feature in 3GPP release 14

The intelligent transportation system (ITS) has a clear objective to improve the overall traffic efficiency. This started the idea of V2X (vehicle-to-everything), an end-to-end digitization initiated by a single vehicle through all elements of transportation system from the road infrastructure to backend server providing general basis for continuos control and management of traffic flow.Read this […]

2019-02-14 -

Verifying the true jitter performance of clocks in high-speed digital designs

As the data rates in high-speed digital designs increase, the limits for overall system jitter become tighter. This especially applies to the various components of the clock tree, where the jitter limits for reference clocks, clock buffers and jitter attenuators are even tighter. Due to their high phase noise sensitivity, phase noise analyzers are the […]

2019-02-14 -

Outphasing, Envelope & Doherty transmitter test & measurement

Meeting the efficiency challenge of RF front ends (RFFE) is increasingly difficult at higher operating frequencies and bandwidths, such as those proposed for 5G. There is a group of transmitter RFFE architectures whose signal output is constructed from two, or more, efficiently generated components. The architecture of their signal construction uses predictive, post-correction linearization. Their […]

2019-02-13 -

Optimize Doherty power amplifiers

Doherty designs achieve high efficiency, greater linearity and increased output power. Get deep insight into your design with a dual-path, precisely synchronized source driving the Doherty amplifier and improve your yield. The admin of this site has disabled the download button for this page.