Semtech brings wireless charging to industrial setting

Article By : Semtech

Semtech's LinkCharge 20 Series evaluation platforms allow you to test wireless charging in industrial applications.

Semtech has announced availability of its LinkCharge 20 Series evaluation platforms. The series includes the TSDMTX-19V2-EVM and TSDMRX-19V/20W-EVM, wireless charging transmitter and receiver evaluation platforms for industrial applications that support up to 20W output.

The LinkCharge 20 Series utilises evaluation modules with magnetic, inductive-based wireless charging technology. Semtech suggests that the LinkCharge 20 can be used to test wireless power in applications including power tools, appliances, medical instruments, and automation systems.

The TSDMTX-19V2-EVM and TSDMRX-19V/20W-EVM both feature DC-DC efficiency of 85 percent and a programmable firmware-based solution expected to meet industry standards.

Semtech’s LinkCharge wireless charging platform includes the LinkCharge 20 Series and the previously announced LinkCharge CT (counter top), a ready-to-use infrastructure wireless charging system for enterprise, consumer and public settings. The LinkCharge platform is compatible with all major industry standards.

The LinkCharge 20 Series is available through Semtech’s distribution channel.

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