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Article By : Richard Quinnell

EDN is giving away a USB oscilloscope to one lucky new subscriber to our Fun Friday newsletter.

Friday is the harbinger of the weekend, which is the time we (usually) can set work cares aside and rejuvenate. But decompressing from the cares and concerns of the week can prove challenging. EDN’s Fun Friday newsletter can help by providing humorous takes on engineering, notes on recent tech, and tech history, and new subscribers have a chance on even more fun by winning their own pocket USB oscilloscope.

We all sometimes need a little diversion from the intensity of professional activity, but we don’t want to simply kill time. That’s why EDN created its Fun Friday newsletter. Each week, just in time to help you begin decompressing for the weekend, EDN sends out a collection of stories chosen to intrigue, inform, and amuse without being technologically heavy-handed. The Fun Friday newsletter contains useful insights into technical trends, news of events that help expand designer horizons, and humor that targets the engineering mindset.

The newsletter also contains Tales from the Cube, stories written by fellow engineers about the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of the electrical engineering profession. And, for your education and enlightenment, the newsletter delivers This Week in Tech History, providing vignettes on the people and events that have led the profession to where it is today.

Getting the newsletter is easy, but for a limited time there is a way to sign up and enter a giveaway contest at the same time! EDN will be awarding one new subscriber to Fun Friday a nifty USB oscilloscope, billed as the “world’s smallest mixed-signal scope.” We’re talking about the BitScope Mini BS-10, a complete USB oscilloscope, logic analyzer, AWG, and spectrum analyzer rolled into one – a $250 value, just for registering (plus a little luck).

(Image source: BitScope)

A USB oscilloscope may sound like just a toy, but they can be quite useful in the right application, and a lot of fun for weekend electronics projects. The BitScope BS-10 offers 100 MHz analog bandwidth and logic capture to 40 Msamples/sec, so it’s more than adequate for audio, robotics, and a host of other mid-range applications. By all reports, it is a handy item to have available in your personal toolchest.

To be entered to win, though, you need to sign up here, not go through the usual channels. And remember, the contest could close at any time so follow that link now or risk missing out on the contest. 

But not the fun.

Even if you discover the contest has ended by the time you read this, you can still sign up for EDN’s Fun Friday newsletter whenever you like. Simply click on the Subscribe link located up next to the EDN logo on any page, and click the check box next to Fun Friday. You can also sign up for other newsletters focusing on some key technology areas at the same time. Give us your name, e-mail (so you can get the newsletter), and a bit more information about yourself. agree to the terms and conditions (you can prevent third party contact if you wish) and click Subscribe Now. 

Then, starting Friday, the fun can begin.

Rich Quinnell is an engineer, writer (threatening to become novelist), and editor in chief of EDN.

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