SiliconExpert partners with Nexar to address component lifecycle issues

Article By : Nexar

SiliconExpert is bringing comprehensive part data into the Altium PCB design tool workflows.

SiliconExpert, one of the most respected purveyors of part data for electronic components, has partnered with Nexar, a business unit of Altium LLC, to address component lifecycle issues that the printed circuit board (PCB) design community experiences by bringing the comprehensive part data from SiliconExpert into the Altium PCB design tool workflows.

“It’s critical for PCB designers to know whether the components they select are going to be available throughout the entire lifecycle of their products,” said Ted Pawela, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Altium and Head of Nexar. “Altium customers recognize the value in having access to SiliconExpert’s data so that they can make better, more informed decisions and reduce risk.”

Inaccurate or incomplete component availability data can cause significant delays to the design and production of electronic products. Providing designers access to the most comprehensive component lifecycle information within their design environment is crucial to ensuring designs can be produced on time and on budget.

“SiliconExpert and Altium are equally driven in ensuring designers have access to component information right at their fingertips without the frustration of having to go through multiple design re-spins,” said Martin Chatterton, General Manager of SiliconExpert. “Altium is our most requested integration, so we’re eager to work together to address this need.”

SiliconExpert will be at the AltiumLive 2022 CONNECT summit presenting “Getting the Information to Create Successful Designs Quickly” among the topics in the event’s supply chain track. To see the full AltiumLive agenda, visit the summit page at

Altium’s integration with SiliconExpert’s component data will be available within the Altium ecosystem later this year.


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