Simblee-connected spectrometer targets consumer apps

Article By : Heptagon

Simblee enables 3ms latency, an expandable and modular user interface, and agile development of IoT products.

Today, there are already many potential commercial applications for spectrometry. So, Heptagon has recently its Smart Handheld Spectrometer targeting both demanding industrial uses as well as consumer applications.

The device reliably detects and analyses common organic materials such as foods, fabrics and materials, agriculture, environment, medicine and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and petrochemicals, according to the company.

The Smart Handheld Spectrometer goes beyond where human senses leave off to deliver information that can help ensure safety, increase quality, and improve health and well-being, according to the company. Position the product against any material, call up the smart application on an iOS or Android handheld device, and press start to test the desired object. An infrared reflection spectrum is acquired, sent to the cloud database for analysis, and the results are nearly instantaneously displayed back to the phone or tablet, leveraging Simblee.

Heptagon’s RF Digital unit partnered with Spectral Engines and GreenTropism to develop the spectrometer. Spectral Engines provides the integral light source and sensor for infrared spectroscopy, while GreenTropism provides the industry-proven material knowledgebase and algorithms for identifying material and composition. RF Digital turned these technologies into the first RFduino footprint plug-and-play spectrometry building block—expanding the Simblee ecosystem of sensors—and created the handheld product: from system engineering, industrial design, electrical engineering design, mobile and cloud to product manufacturing.

“Commercialising the emerging field of spectroscopy today requires an expandable platform in order to add new materials in the future, as well as ultra-low-latency interactions with the cloud,” said Armen Kazanchian, founder and president of RF Digital. “Simblee enables 3ms latency, an expandable and modular user interface, and agile development of IoT products, leading to the realisation of the Smart Handheld Spectrometer which is prepared for future materials, in a record time.”

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