Smart lighting design offers wireless control

Article By : Power Integrations

The design features dimming and colour management that can be done over Bluetooth using smartphone applications.

Power Integrations and Casambi Technologies OY have collaborated on a reference design describing a constant-voltage (CV), constant-current (CC) 12-watt isolated flyback power supply with power factor correction for smart lighting applications.

The DER-612 reference design includes a 3.3V power supply to drive a Casambi CBM-001 Bluetooth wireless module, which provides dimming and colour management control of the four-string LED load from 0mA to 400mA. The power supply operates over a universal input voltage range of 90VAC to 265VAC and achieves greater than 0.8 power factor across all line conditions.

The design is based on Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch-CH power supply controller, which combines primary, secondary and feedback circuits in a single surface-mounted offline flyback switcher IC. The IC incorporates the primary FET, the primary-side controller and a secondary-side synchronous rectification controller. The device also includes Power Integrations’ magneto-coupling communications technology, FluxLink, which bridges the isolation barrier and eliminates the need for an optocoupler. Secondary-side control enables accurate constant-voltage regulation and a fast step load response while simple PWM control eliminates the need for a secondary DC/DC regulator. The high efficiency and low standby power of the IC eliminates the need for additional heatsinks and enables customers to create solutions that meet DOE-6 regulations. A built-in secondary-side auxiliary power output supports RF and MCU control circuitry.

CBM-001 is a Class 2 embedded Bluetooth 4.0 module designed for LED lighting control applications, light fixtures and LED bulbs. It is pre-programmed with Casambi’s proprietary firmware, making it completely compatible with other Casambi enabled devices. CBM-001 is controlled wirelessly with Casambi smartphone and tablet applications using the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol. Devices automatically form a self-healing and self-organising wireless mesh network so that a large number of fixtures can be controlled from any point. No external gateway module is needed.

DER-612 enables simple parallel connection of LED strings for RGBW lighting. It can be downloaded at

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