Solder-tag board eases prototyping with Raspberry Pi

Article By : RS Components

The credit-card sized RS Pro offers 40 solder-tag terminals, matching the 40 pins on the Raspberry Pi.

RS Components has launched a 40-pin solder-tag board for the Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer board. The RS Pro solder-tag board is ideal for electronics engineers developing prototypes based around the Raspberry Pi board, as well as for education and the training of students and electronics beginners, according to the company.

[RS raspberry pi solder tag board (cr)]
Figure 1: RS Components’ 40-pin solder-tag board.

Designed to work with the Raspberry Pi, the solder-tag board is the same size and offers a total of 40 solder-tag terminals, matching the 40 pins on the Raspberry Pi. Connecting via the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO header connector, essentially the RS Pro board offers users and developers flexible prototyping abilities by providing simple means of soldering and de-soldering electronic components via easy-to make and break solder connections. The holes in the tag board align with the mounting holes in the Raspberry Pi, which enables the tag board to be mounted beneath the Raspberry Pi board using an additional mounting kit that consists of four legs and eight screws. In addition, the central slot in the solder-tag board allows a ribbon cable to pass through it.

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