STMicroelectronics Stellar P6 MCUs targeted at next-gen EV platforms

Article By : STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics has unveiled new MCUs targeting the coming electrified drivetrains and domain-oriented, over-the-air updateable systems that are the foundation of the next generation of EVs.

STMicroelectronics has unveiled new microcontrollers (MCUs) targeting the coming electrified drivetrains and domain-oriented, over-the-air updateable systems that are the foundation of the next generation of EVs. As the vehicles generate, process, and transfer large data flows, especially to support the next generation of EVs, ST’s new Stellar P automotive MCUs are the industry’s first qualifiable devices for model year 2024 vehicles to integrate the new CAN-XL in-car communication standard. This technology enables the new vehicle platforms to handle growing data flows so the car can operate at peak performance.

“The real-time, power-efficient Stellar P6 automotive microcontrollers combine advanced integration of motion-control and energy-management domains with actuation capabilities, ensuring a smooth shift from traditional ICEs/EVs to new drive-traction architectural patterns of software-defined vehicles,” said Luca Rodeschini, Automotive and Discrete Vice President, Strategic Business Development and Automotive Processing and RF General Manager, STMicroelectronics. “As the automotive industry begins work on new vehicle platforms for model-year 2024, ST is ready with the microcontrollers to support development and ease the transition to vehicle production.”

Powering the Industrial Automation Revolution

At the upcoming Electronics Asia Conference (EAC) 2022, Robin Feng, Strategic Marketing Manager at STMicroelectronics, will put into the spotlight the latest technology innovations in Industry 4.0, and how STMicroelectronics’ factory automation solutions are helping manufacturers take their processes to the next level.

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ST’s Stellar family of automotive MCUs has been designed to support carmakers and Tier 1s as they transition toward software-defined vehicles. Stellar now includes multiple series: the Stellar E series assures fast, real-time control and system miniaturization in power-conversion applications, maximizing the benefits of SiC and GaN power technology in EVs’ on-board charging, DC-DC converters, and traction inverters; while the Stellar G series MCUs acts as a secure data HUB and real-time, safe aggregator of functions within the body domain primarily for zonal architectures.

This series implements best-in-class OTA updates, low-power modes, and data routing over a broad set of in-car communication protocols. The new Stellar P series offers qualifiable devices that combine advanced actuation capabilities with powerful function integration. Stellar P devices target the new drivetrain trends for electric vehicles and domain-oriented architectures, for the best real-time performance and energy management.


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