Stylish AIO POS with 3-inch Thermal Printer

Article By : Clientron Corp.

Clientron Debuts the Essential POS Terminal - PSL540 Built with 3-inch Printer...

Most businesses conduct all sales with computer-supported electronic devices. Clientron knows how important a smooth point of sale system is to its customers and is dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative products that meet their needs perfectly. Clientron’s latest offering is the stylish PSL540 terminal with a printer inside.

Retail stores take pride in their merchandising, and the point of sale system is the central focal point of the entire store. To stay ahead of competitors, retailers must make their store look cutting-edge. Clientron’s stylish PSL540 point of sale system elevates the look of a retail store and gives customers the impression that they are a modern and innovative business.

A high-definition, 14” backlit LED screen with bezel-free captive touch is featured on the front of the new PSL540 point of sale system and includes a black frame with a beveled edge. It sits upright on an angled stand that features an optional second screen and integrated thermal printer. The stand features a bar that extends its length for a greater reach. Because of this extended stand, the system can be placed at a 27- or 37-degree angle. The extension folds up neatly into the bottom of the main stand, making it a sleek and simple

The 3” in integrated thermal printer sits comfortably inside the back edge of the stand. Its low profile adds to the sleek look of the PSL540. Changing the tape is as simple as pressing a button, and the printer can be altered to fit either 2-inch of 3-inch receipt tape. The printer is attached to the PSL540 with only two screws, which makes replacing it easy for anyone to do. These sleek and easy-to-use features help retailers save space, so their point of sale area is clean and efficient. The PSL540 is sure to inspire awe in a wide range of customers.

Clientron’s PSL540 has everything a retail business needs to offer their customers a seamless purchasing experience. The integrated printer, optional RFID reader, and powerful Clientron-designed motherboard frees retailers from the need to have clumsy, bulky peripherals to complete the sale.

The PSL540 model point of sale system features four USB 3.0 jacks, two DB9 powered 5-volt or 12-volt COM ports, a lockable 3-pin DC input, RJ11 cash drawer port, and a LAN port. Besides its many physical connection options, it has built-in  WiFi 4G LTE capabilities. With all of its connectivity power, this system will fit any business’s existing setup for a smooth transition into a high-tech point of sale system.

Clientron’s PSL540 point of sale system owes its power to the Intel® ATOM™ X5-E8000 1.04GHZ BRASWELL processor, an SO-DIMM socket that supports up to 8GB of RAM, and M.2 SSD. This ensures that retailers can handle a large number of sales quickly without a single hitch.

Many retail locations see thousands of customers per day and require a point of sale system that can stand up to such a high volume of sales. With Clientron’s PSL540, businesses can rest assured that their point of sale system will never hold them back from making the most sales possible.

Many retailers struggle with their current point of sale systems, having to call in highly trained professionals to make even the most minor upgrades or repairs. This poses a serious threat to profits, as potential sales can be put on hold or lost entirely while the system is out of service. With the PSL540 point of sale system from Clientron, maintenance hassles are a thing of the past.

This system features a precisely engineered modular design that makes repairing and replacing parts a breeze. Retailers will be able to replace parts on their own with minimal tools, making this system a much more user-friendly point of sale system than other contemporary options.

Besides easy maintenance, the unboxing and setting up of Clientron’s PSL540 point of sale system is quick and easy. There are no complicated connections or peripherals to worry about. Retailers can simply place it on their counter straight from the box.

The input/output interface is easily accessible on the sides of the machine, with a simple setup process using the 14” back lit LED captive touch screen on the front. The power switch is hidden from plain sight but easily accessible on the bottom of the machine towards the back.

It features supports for a VESA mount 100*100mm on the bottom, making it easy to place the PLS540 in any location that fits the retailer’s needs. When fitted with an appropriate stand, this machine can be used as a self-checkout kiosk. It is capable of scanning loyalty cards, receipts, and e-payments. This is an excellent feature for retailers who need to incorporate social distancing measures into their point of sale experience during a pandemic.

One of the chief complaints among retailers with an older point of sale system is that the operating system is outdated. An outdated operating system may have security vulnerabilities, making it more likely tech-savvy hackers can steal customer information. Additionally, it will not be able to hold up to the volume of sales of some retailers.

When retailers choose Clientron’s PSL540, they are choosing the most state-of-the-art point of sale operating systems available today. Even more powerful than Windows POSReady 7 is Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. This point of sale operating system is a full version of Windows 10, and offers retailers the ability to use the same development and management tools they are familiar with on their laptops or desktop computers. It also features lockdown controls that allow retailers to display only a single point of sale screen, making it ideal for a high-end and intuitive sale experience.

Many points of sale systems are one-dimensional, having a single screen on which both the customer and the retailer manage their portions of the sale. This is particularly popular for point of sale operating systems run on iPads, which generally require the retailer to run the sale and then turn the screen around to face the customer for them to complete it or even just view their itemized total. This can be a cumbersome process for many businesses, especially those with more complicated sale procedures or who handle sensitive information.

With Clientron’s PSL540, retailers have the option of including a second 4.3” display that allows their customer to view relevant portions of the sale as it is going on. This helps simplify the sale process, making it faster, safer, and more efficient than having exclusively shared screens.

Besides the optional second screen, the PSL540 system includes several optional and versatile peripherals including a VFD, RFID reader, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE connectivity. This allows retailers to operate their point of sale system from any location where they have wireless internet or mobile internet service, which is especially beneficial for traveling retailers such as those with pop up shops, farmer’s market stands, or food trucks.

Some other features of Clientron’s PSL540 that makes it the perfect choice for any retailer include its fanless design and low power consumption. When other older point of sale systems start working hard to process sales, they heat up and require fans to cool them down so they don’t break. The PSL540 is designed specifically to handle most functions with ease, so requires no internal fans to manage its temperature.

Power consumption is a concern for most point of sale systems, as many require much more electricity to function and, for that reason, are not transported easily to other locations. The PSL540 point of sale system runs an X5-E8000 1.04Ghz processor that has low power consumption for optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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