Switches cover up to 4A high-side power control apps

Article By : Silego Technology

Silego is offering nFET and pFET with low R(DS)ON performance, minimising thermal gradients in medium-current applications.

Configurable mixed-signal IC developer Silego Technology has added three new products to its GFET3 integrated power switch (IPS) portfolio. The switches, which come in wafer-level chip scale packages (WLCSPs), cover high-side power control applications from 1A to 4A, according to the company.

For smartphone and fitness band applications, the 0.8mm x 0.8mm SLG59M1730C (33 mΩ/1A) and the SLG59M1736C (33 mΩ/2.2A) are low-leakage, self-powered pFET IPSs that can operate from 2.5V to 5.5V supply voltages and draw very little supply current. Both products offer low-threshold ON/OFF control, fast output voltage discharge and a controlled input current profile on startup. Since small form-factor Li-ion batteries exhibit very low amp-hour capacities, the SLG59M1730C/SLG59M1736C’s controlled 16.5mA inrush current profile on startup prevents Li-ion battery voltage sag when Bluetooth radios or other high current-demand operations are enabled, according to the company.

When compared to other 4-ball WLCSPs in the market with fast, fixed output voltage rise times, the magnitude of the inrush current—which is directly proportional to the load capacitor value—can be quite large. If the resultant inrush current is large enough to cause the Li-ion battery voltage to sag, an inadvertent system reset can result. Thus, the SLG59M1730C/SLG59M1736C’s controlled inrush current attribute prevents unintended system resets from occurring.

Meanwhile, the SLG59M1735C is a 10.5mΩ/4A nFET IPS with a full suite of protection features targeting higher-power tablet PC applications. Powered from 2.5V to 5.5V supplies, the input voltage range extends down to 0.9V to accommodate 1.0V high-current rails found in FPGA, ASIC and processor power sequencing applications. The SLG59M1735C feature set includes: ON/OFF control, soft-start control, undervoltage detection and two-level current-limit protection.

When compared to other packaged products in Silego’s GFET3 portfolio with similar features, the 1.5mm2 SLG59M1735C is a 50% smaller footprint. When compared to other 4A WLCSP/DFN products in the market with similar protection features, the SLG59M1735C is a 14% to 32% smaller footprint, according to the company.

Using Silego’s proprietary MOSFET design IP, the integrated protection devices offer nFET and pFET low RDSON performance in small WLCSP footprints that maximise system-level performance while minimising thermal gradients in space-constrained, medium-current applications, according to the company.

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