2020-05-07 - John Ryan

The rise of the remote contractor

Over the past two years, there has been a significant shift from ‘on-site contracting’ to ‘remote contracting’. Even before COVID-19,…

2020-05-04 - Jacob Beningo

3 reasons to transition from C to C++

For decades there has been a debate among embedded software engineers as to whether they should be using C or…

2020-04-13 - John Dunn

Reverse engineering an electrical spark igniter

When the electrical spark igniter in the kitchen stove stopped working, this engineer dug in to see how it was…

2020-03-09 - T.K. Hareendran

A Fidget Spinner Electronics Project

Since the fidget spinner is certainly not the latest fad, somebody here might wonder what else it could be used…

2019-10-23 - Bill Schweber

Analog Design Deficiencies Hidden Behind Software

It’s risky to use software to try to fix large-scale hardware-design errors, as the catastrophe of the Boeing 737 MAX…

2019-08-01 - Steve Taranovich

IEEE and HKN presence in Africa: The sparks of technology

The IEEE and the IEEE-HKN, the honor society of IEEE, have a strong presence in Africa.

2019-07-19 - Max Maxfield

Is This the Best Way to Twist Electric Wires Together?

Most amateurs and hobbyists use a twist-and-fold technique, but the Western Union Splice is mechanically stronger and results in a…

2019-06-20 - Magnolia Potter

Get Ready for a Self-Driving Future

Engineers and designers are hard at work creating the cars of the future and designing the advanced infrastructure that will…

2019-05-10 - Magnolia Potter

Innovations Shaping the Future of Transportation

New innovations are shaping transportation and leading the way to more advanced technologies that will take us into a new…

2017-11-21 - Junko Yoshida, EE Times

Women in Tech: 25 Profiles in Persistence

EE Times profiled 25 women in tech. Our goal is to trigger discussions in the workplace, and around the dinner…