2020-05-19 - Frederik Dostal

A Critical Short Pulse

While there are maximum limitations of a duty cycle, which will be discussed separately, this power management tip focuses specifically…

2020-05-19 - John Betten

Power Tips #98: Designing a DCM flyback converter

An optimized DCM flyback design can provide a low-power, compact, and low-cost solution to power converter needs, if you are…

2020-05-18 - STMicroelectronics

Synchronous-Rectification Controllers in Space-Saving 6-Pin Packages

STs’ SRK1000A and SRK1000B secondary-side synchronous-rectification (SR) controllers for flyback converters, featuring high efficiency and low power consumption...

2020-05-04 - Bill Schweber

E-fuses: warming up to higher-current applications

In many design situations, it makes sense to give serious consideration to an e-fuse in place of the classic thermal…

2020-04-28 - John Dorosa

Power Tips #97: Shape an LLC-SRC gain curve to meet battery charger needs

The LLC-SRC provides a higher-power alternative to traditional battery chargers that use flyback converters.

2020-04-23 - Bill Schweber

How long has the power been out?

Simple questions can have correspondingly simple low-tech answers, as long as you are not asking for too much.

2020-04-22 - Bill Schweber

Just give me a decent data sheet, please

How could vendors of AC power strips not call out the critical outlet-spacing dimension, especially when they tout their strip’s…

2020-04-02 - Bill Schweber

Mistakes were made, even in a simple 3-wire AC hookup

The many ways of making basic mistakes never fails to amaze, as this engineer saw in a basic 3-wire AC…

2020-03-27 - Pradeep Shenoy

Power Tips #96: Dynamically adjust negative output voltages

This power tip delves into the challenge of dynamically adjusting a negative output voltage.

2020-03-20 - Gary Bocock

Match modular EMI AC line filters to application’s DC supply needs

Modular EMC filters are often added at the AC inlet to end equipment. This article describes the function of the…