2019-04-02 - Steve Taranovich

Boeing MAX 8: Enhancing Pilot Training With Technology

It is too early to tell what actually happened to Boeing 737 Max tragedies, but my ‘gut feel’ as an…

2017-08-15 - MIT

Tiny terahertz laser redirects 80% of light

Since most terahertz radiation applications require directed light, researchers have found a way to redirect most of the light that…

2017-07-28 - Pasternack

Waveguides shift phase from 0-180 degrees

The waveguide phase shifters provide a frequency range of 18GHz–110GHz over seven bands.

2017-07-25 - Databeans

Military, aerospace IC markets grow by 8%

This booming market condition for 2017 is due to increased military spending and 14% growth in the satellite market.

2017-06-22 - Allan Robinson

How to shrink satellites, telemetry subsystems

Find out how using a 32-channel driver IC and a multiplexer can help satellite manufacturers reduce the size of next-generation…

2017-06-22 - Allan Robinson

Small satellites, big advantages

If satellite and spacecraft manufacturers can shrink the size of their command and telemetry subsystems, customers will be able to…

2017-06-06 - Arizona State University

Robot design gets tips from sea turtles

Arizona State University's turtle-bot takes a page from nature on how to navigate different types of terrain.

2017-05-31 - Rajan Bedi

Radiation-tolerant 16nm FinFET eyes space

Xilinx’s RT-ZU19EG will be more advanced compared to the company’s current space-grade FPGA offerings, delivering 10x improvement in performance and…

2017-02-06 - Rajan Bedi

How to choose the right space-grade isolated DC-DC

With various space-grade isolated DC-DCs of multiple voltages and power ratings today, choosing the most appropriate requires careful consideration.

2017-01-26 - Graham Prophet

Reference designs add flight time to drones

TI’s 2S1P BMS reference design turns a drone’s battery into a smart diagnostic black box recorder to monitor remaining capacity…