2016-11-03 - Rajan Bedi

Tips for effective power-integrity measurements

Engineers are requiring the ability to zoom-in on DC power rails to look for AC transients, noise and ripple while…

2016-09-11 - Martin Rowe

What comes next for test & measurement?

EDN's Martin Rowe picks the brains of two industry experts on what they think will drive test and measurement in…

2016-08-25 - Rajan Bedi

Validating SERDES links with bit-error rate testers

As the space industry continues to exploit high data rates, the channel loss between the transmitter and the receiver becomes…

2016-08-25 - Rajan Bedi

Why BERTs are win-win for test and space industries

Transmitters are using pre/de-emphasis to compensate for the electrical degradations and losses caused by PCBs and cables.

2016-08-24 - Steve Taranovich

Clean energy approach to solar-powered flights

Imagine all the aircrafts that fly each day in our world and the pollution they bring to our air. How…

2016-08-10 - Analog Devices

D/A converter ensures less than 300ns frequency hopping

With its audio to 6GHz frequency coverage, the AD9164 D/A converter moves the tester market one step closer to a…

2016-08-08 -

Coming soon: Battery that self-destructs in minutes

A self-destructing, lithium-ion battery delivers 2.5V and dissolves when dropped in water.

2016-07-19 - Chris Newmarker

Implantable biosensor tech receives $7.5M DARPA backing

The U.S. military sees value in the technology improving mission efficiency through real-time monitoring of combat soldier health status.

2016-07-19 - Susan Nordyk

MIL-qualified converters can withstand up to 50V surge

High-reliability M-grade converters employ wide-temperature, high-grade components and undergo additional product testing.

2016-06-21 - Data Device

Compact 3-phase motor drive ensures fail-safe operations

The new compact PW-82336 3-phase motor drive hybrid utilises a high-efficiency, radiation tolerant MOSFET output stage with 100 VDC rating…