2021-10-04 - Majeed Ahmad

MCU’s machine learning quest at the edge aided by third parties

Renesas teaming up with MicroAI to train AI models directly on the MCU is an acknowledgement of the role of…

2021-08-27 - Majeed Ahmad

Why data preparation is crucial in AI workflows

Since data flows throughout the entire AI workflow, initial data preparation step is crucial as it ensures the most useful…

2021-08-20 - Sheena Patel

Training an algorithm to detect and prevent early blindness

This article provides a walkthrough of the steps needed to quickly train an algorithm to detect diabetic retinopathy and prevent…

2021-08-05 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas and Syntiant develop voice-controlled multimodal AI solution

The new offering enables low-power voice-controlled operation of embedded vision AI systems in IoT and edge applications.

2021-07-23 - Gopi Sirineni

Manage control plane security in real-time using network AI

The implementation of AI techniques by the trusted control/compute unit (TCU) can greatly reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.

2021-07-20 - Kavita Char

Implementing AIoT on MCUs

Implementation of AIoT on MCUs will increase exponentially in new applications as MCUs push the boundary on performance and blur…

2021-07-08 - Paul Miller and Hsiao-Ying Lin

Identifying AI security threats

Two group reports have recently been released regarding analyzing the problem of securing AI and the corresponding mitigations.

2021-06-28 - Ludovic Larzul, Mipsology

TOPS: The truth behind a deep learning lie

A formula for determining the real-world performance of AI and others chips when running deep learning workloads.

2021-06-23 - Richard Quinnell

A multi-tier approach to machine learning at the edge

A multi-tier approach to machine learning at the edge can help streamline both development and deployment for the AIoT.

2021-06-17 - Majeed Ahmad

MCU suppliers increase memory content to support AIoT designs

High-resolution displays and complex AI datasets in IoT endpoints and wearable designs increasingly demand additional memory content.