2021-04-07 - Richard Quinnell

Gas sensor becomes electronic nose through AI

Convert a generic gas sensor into a customizable electronic "nose" through AI and machine learning.

2021-03-03 - Majeed Ahmad

Chip simplifies integration of voice detection algorithms for cloud service

A new chip for voice-enabled designs offers an API that simplifies the integration of voice capture algorithms into different cloud…

2021-02-05 - Majeed Ahmad

Chip designer Jim Keller’s journey spans 4 semiconductor architectures

Here is a chronicle of chip designer Jim Keller’s journey, which spans four semiconductor architectures: x86, PowerPC, MIPS, and Arm.

2021-02-02 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

AI brings better solutions to hearing aid wearers

Patients are looking for more natural and personalized hearing sound experiences, and AI handles the complexity of real situations, in…

2021-02-01 - Majeed Ahmad

CES panel tracks RISC-V’s journey to commercial processors

A panel discussion took a closer look at the RISC-V and processor design areas and how it’s creating a healthy…

2021-01-29 - Majeed Ahmad

Implement a predictive maintenance workflow in 4 steps

Engineers can access the raw data, identify condition indicators, and build a predictive model based on what condition indicator values…

2021-01-25 - Nitin Dahad

Paving the way for standardizing AI security

A new report from ETSI aims to pave the way for establishing a standard for artificial intelligence (AI) security...

2021-01-15 - Nitin Dahad

CES 2021: 5nm AI chip enables 8K video processing in just 2W

Using CES 2021 as the launch platform, Ambarella has announced its 5th generation AI vision processor SoC...

2021-01-05 - Kaushal Naik

How 5G, IoT & AI redefine the in-store retail transformation

The role of retail stores has changed at an unprecedented rate. Customers prefer buying things online than offline as they…

2021-01-04 - Majeed Ahmad

Develop AI applications without signal-processing expertise

Here is a walkthrough of the AI-driven system design workflow that enables engineers to develop AI applications without signal-processing expertise.