2019-06-03 - Max Maxfield

Smartphones get AI Help to Diagnose Plant Diseases

Whoever creates an AI-based smartphone app that can diagnose plant diseases and recommend solutions could potentially make a lot of…

2019-05-20 - Ethan Bennett

AI and Blockchain to Shake Up the Job Market

While blockchain and AI are here to stay, concerns have been raised about the changes that they bring to the…

2019-05-15 - Jeffrey VanWashenova

Improving Road Safety With Driver Monitoring Systems

The “Vision Zero” approach from the European Union (EU) includes the goal of bringing automotive fatalities and serious injuries down…

2019-05-10 - Magnolia Potter

Innovations Shaping the Future of Transportation

New innovations are shaping transportation and leading the way to more advanced technologies that will take us into a new…

2019-05-06 - Jim Steele

Audio DSPs to Push AI to the Edge

Advanced processors specialized for both machine learning and audio processing enable real-time always-on edge inference at low-cost while simultaneously maintaining…

2019-04-25 - Adriana Veasey

What Risks Do AI and ML Pose?

Super-intelligent AI will not have human emotions and will therefore not be either benevolent or malevolent by nature...

2019-04-23 - Moshe Sheier

Smart Displays are Smarter Than You Think

Over the next few years, smart displays are going to get smarter, cheaper, and more popular in our homes.

2019-04-19 - Ossi Saarela

AI and machine learning: Shaking up the space industry

Today’s increasingly ambitious mission requirements are demanding higher levels of autonomy and greater navigational precision from spacecraft, requiring more than…

2019-04-09 - Jeff Bier

Specialized Co-Processors Tuned For Embedded Vision

The technical landscape for processors and sensors for embedded computer vision applications has changed...

2017-08-03 - Panasonic

Sensors detect driver drowsiness

Panasonic's technology detects and predicts a driver's drowsiness using non-contact measurement of blinking features and facial expressions.