2021-05-14 - Mahsa Kia

A comprehensive way to use bonding to improve RF performance of low noise amplifiers

This article presents a unique solution and process education to improve RF performance via bonding.

2021-05-13 - Peter Semig

Key considerations when replacing an op amp

This article discusses, at a high level, three considerations when replacing a general-purpose or precision voltage-feedback op amp.

2021-03-26 - Steve Taranovich

Audio amplifier selection in hearable device designs

Class D amplifiers are playing a crucial role in bringing power-efficient amplification to small form-factor devices like hearables.

2021-03-05 - Steve Taranovich

Do’s and don’ts in implementing chopper stabilization in amplifier designs

This article aims to provide designers with a basic understanding of how to implement chopper stabilization into their designs.