2020-05-28 - Martyn McKinney

Create radio receiver circuits with the LM386 audio amplifier

Use the LM386's undocumented attributes to create simple high performance regenerative receivers.

2020-05-22 - Jonathan Colao

Designing a fast reacting feedback system for miniaturized motor driven designs

A high speed, high throughput ADC accurately captures information and feeds motor position data to the controller, enabling higher levels…

2020-05-19 - Frederik Dostal

A Critical Short Pulse

While there are maximum limitations of a duty cycle, which will be discussed separately, this power management tip focuses specifically…

2020-05-19 - John Betten

Power Tips #98: Designing a DCM flyback converter

An optimized DCM flyback design can provide a low-power, compact, and low-cost solution to power converter needs, if you are…

2020-05-11 - Frederik Dostal

Quiet and efficient switching regulators

A major challenge for numerous applications is the interference inherent to a switching regulator because it can generate both conducted…

2020-05-08 - Bob Witte

Common op-amp circuits

These common op-amp circuits are useful for amplifying various analog signals. The ideal op amp model helps us understand how…

2020-05-06 - Bill Schweber

Is Optical Computing in Our Future?

Forget digital electronics: the long-discussed dream of optical computing may have taken another small step forward with the recent development…

2020-04-22 - Jessy Cavazos

5G testing: Modulation distortion method speeds power amplifier characterization

This article explores different ways to perform 5G power amplifier characterization and provides several measurement examples.

2019-07-16 - Kendall Castor-Perry

The Ins & Outs of Generalised Impedance Converters

OK, settle down at the back of the room, gentlemen and ladies! I’m back, and there’s more work to do…

2019-06-13 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

MuxCapacitor: the High Efficiency Solution for DC-DC and AC-DC Converters

We take a look at Helix Semiconductors latest MuxCapacitor conversion IP which allows Helix to build highly integrated power ICs,…