2021-04-09 - Jessy Cavazos

3GPP Release 16 will enable 5G to expand beyond traditional communications

3GPP Release 16 brings significant enhancements and new features that will enable the 5G standard to expand beyond traditional communications.

2021-03-30 - Alfredo Gonzalez Calvin

Compensate for a lack of rail-to-rail performance in an op amp one-shot design

Using a quad op amp can help compensate for a lack of rail-to-rail performance in an op amp one-shot design.

2021-02-11 - Bob Witte

Be careful when using op amps as a comparator

There are many articles about non-linear op amps being used as a comparator, but IC vendors caution against this design…

2021-02-04 - Peter Demchenko

Design protects transistors and load from large through current

This amplifier circuit protects the output transistors and the load from a large uncontrollable through current.

2021-01-21 - Peter Semig

3 considerations when selecting an op amp

This simplified process focuses on three of the top considerations when selecting an op amp...

2021-01-11 - John Dunn

Zero offset active lowpass filter simulation

Before you depend on a virtual model in your simulation, you must compare the assigned properties to the real life…

2020-12-10 - Victor Khasiev

Reduce Costs in the Long Run: Use the same qualified parts for both positive & negative output DC-to-DC converters

This article shows how to use the same components—an IC controller and power train—in two very different topologies: a common…

2020-11-25 - Brian Dipert

Portable audio recorder can capture four-track recordings

As soon as live concerts return, this engineer will be pulling his mics, stand, and cables out of storage again,…

2020-11-23 - Frederik Dostal

When the flyback converter reaches its limits

Although flyback converters are very popular, this topology has practical limitations...

2020-11-02 - John Dunn

Choosing a class for push-pull amplifier designs

Push-pull amplifier designs can run their active driving devices in class-A, -B, or -C service, but your choice of class…