2016-09-11 - Infineon Technologies

800V MOSFET fits low-power SMPS applications

The 800V CoolMOS P7 series offers up to 0.6% efficiency gain, which translates into 2°C to 8°C lower MOSFET temperature.

2016-08-22 - Murata

Surface-mounted DC-DC converters comply with AEC-Q standards

The product uses an isolating sheet type transformer instead of a photocoupler, realising a compactness, reliable and high dielectric strength.

2016-08-10 - Analog Devices

D/A converter ensures less than 300ns frequency hopping

With its audio to 6GHz frequency coverage, the AD9164 D/A converter moves the tester market one step closer to a…

2016-08-08 - Recom

10W DC/DC converters offer wide 4:1 input range

The compact 1in x 1in modules can be used in a wide operating temperature range of -40°C up to 100°C…