2022-03-14 - Lloben Paculanan and John Neeko Garlitos

Accounting for sampling clock jitter in data acquisition applications

System designers need to take into account the error introduced by sampling clock jitter in their data acquisition applications.

2022-03-11 - Thomas Brand, Analog Devices Inc.

What matters when it comes to choosing an Ethernet PHY

If a design should be realized using discrete PHYs, a PHY should be selected with a few criteria in mind.

2022-03-10 - Majeed Ahmad

BioZ AFE reduces size and power for wearables, patches

Bioimpedance analysis is a popular and convenient way for healthcare professionals to measure body fat percentage and body composition like…

2022-03-01 - Fionn Hurley

How 10BASE-T1S enables zonal E/E vehicle architectures

Here's a look at trends in the automotive industry dictating changes in vehicle electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture and how the new…

2022-02-11 - Frederik Dostal, Analog Devices Inc.

Voltage conversion at low energy levels

This article will introduce a new class of DC-to-DC converters that is ideal for battery-operated systems.

2021-09-02 - Majeed Ahmad

Analog chronicles: Goodbye Maxim Integrated Products

Planet Analog, the only publication fully focused on analog and mixed-signal designs, takes a sneak peek at Maxim's 38-year technology…

2021-08-19 - T.J. Fure and Gabino Alonso, Analog Devices Inc.

A new era in space products: Radiation tolerant commercial space devices

The demand for innovation in space products has never been higher.

2021-03-26 - Don Dingee

Bringing digital to analog interface

The biggest force in analog transformation today is digital integration—a broader concept than mixed-signal fab processes.

2021-03-09 - Kevin Scott and Sam Nork

Active battery cell balancing

While both active and passive cell balancing are effective ways to improve system health, active cell balancing redistributes charge during…

2021-03-05 - Steve Taranovich

Do’s and don’ts in implementing chopper stabilization in amplifier designs

This article aims to provide designers with a basic understanding of how to implement chopper stabilization into their designs.