2020-10-15 - Brian Holden and Paul Wilson

Retimers becoming the signal conditioner of choice

As data rates have gone above 10 Gbps, the adequacy of redrivers has abated across many applications, and retimers are…

2020-10-13 - Victor Khasiev

Add an efficient positive rail to a unipolar negative supply

This article presents a complete solution for a very efficient and relatively simple design for adding a positive rail to…

2020-10-12 - Bob Witte

Explore op-amp differentiator circuits

Differentiation is the mathematical opposite of integration, detecting the instantaneous slope of a function.

2020-10-09 - Jordan Dimitrov

Battery monitor will help prevent excessive drain

This simple battery monitor employs a blinking LED that serves as a state-of-health indicator.

2020-10-06 - Bill Schweber

Reed relays switch to new designs, applications

Ancient electromechanical components still have an irreplaceable role...

2020-09-29 - Bonnie Baker

Delta-sigma ADCs provide accurate oil, gas, and petroleum measurements

Delta-sigma ADCs provide accurate and repeatable readings with an appropriate pressure and temperature sensor for oil, gas, and petroleum electronics.

2020-09-25 - Bill Schweber

Spade lugs and screw terminals eliminate wiring rat’s nest

Completely redoing wiring with old-fashioned, low-tech connectors may sometimes be the smartest decision...

2020-09-18 - John Dunn

Reduce waveform distortion with feed forward principle

The term feed forward has multiple meanings. In this post, it is an amplifier design principle that can help reduce…

2020-09-16 - Bill Schweber

Consumer connectors get ruggedized

To take advantage of the popularity of mass-market consumer connectors, vendors are now offering ruggedized versions for industrial and other…

2020-09-10 - Zhihong Lin

Redrivers and retimers maintain satisfactory signal quality

Signal conditioners such as redrivers or retimers maintain satisfactory signal quality and system performance in high-speed Ethernet networks serving data…