2021-04-12 - John Dunn

Finding extraterrestrial radio signals presents technical challenges

Trying to find extraterrestrial radio signals presents huge technical challenges, one of which is path loss.

2021-04-02 - Raj Senguttuvan

Key design considerations for voice command systems

This article provides design considerations for low-power, always-on voice command systems using voice activity detection (VAD).

2021-03-31 - Majeed Ahmad

10 major analog semiconductor acquisitions in the 21st century

After the golden age of analog design innovations in 20th century, an era of consolidation began with the turn of the…

2021-03-30 - Alfredo Gonzalez Calvin

Compensate for a lack of rail-to-rail performance in an op amp one-shot design

Using a quad op amp can help compensate for a lack of rail-to-rail performance in an op amp one-shot design.

2021-03-26 - Don Dingee

Bringing digital to analog interface

The biggest force in analog transformation today is digital integration—a broader concept than mixed-signal fab processes.

2021-03-24 - Rajan Bedi

Ka-band ADCs and DACs enhance satellite communication

Ka-band ADCs and DACs offer the potential to extend software-defined radio to software-defined microwave for satellite communication.

2021-03-22 - John Dunn

The Smith chart simplifies complex math

Take a look at the algebra and graphics of the Smith chart.

2021-03-09 - Stephen Woodward

Circuit powers off optical reflex sight automatically

This Design Idea presents an improved version of the automatic brightness adjustment circuit used in optical reflex sights.

2021-03-03 - John Dunn

Studying colonial-era capacitor

Looking at an 18th century capacitor and its application is definitely a study in trailing-edge technology, but it can still…

2021-02-26 - Bob Card

ACF strikes a balance between cost and performance in UHD power supplies

Active clamp flyback is the architecture of choice for striking the optimal balance between cost and performance in UHD power…