2022-05-24 - Bill Schweber

How to enable advanced instrumentation

Design advances and merging of disparate technologies are leading to new, effective ways of remotely sensing important real-world conditions.

2022-05-11 - Majeed Ahmad

New fabs being built for analog, power semiconductors

Analog, power, and RF semiconductors ship in high volumes and are good enough to keep a 300-mm fab busy at…

2022-04-08 - Mark Patrick

Bringing analog circuit design into the digital age

A look at the impact of innovative new design tools for analog circuit design that make it more attractive to…

2022-03-31 - Damian Bonicatto

Analog debugging on bare-metal systems

The concept of streaming data from firmware and displaying it on an oscilloscope can be a powerful tool and can…

2022-03-29 - Damian Bonicatto and Phoenix Bonicatto

Key options for analog debugging on bare-metal systems

Streaming data from firmware and displaying it on an oscilloscope can be a powerful tool and can speed up the…

2022-03-25 - Majeed Ahmad

Analog IP offerings a hot commodity in semiconductor M&A

SEMIFIVE's purchase of Analog Bits shows the crucial importance of analog and mixed-signal building blocks in accelerating the SoC designs.

2022-03-24 - Stephen Woodward

Add one resistor to give bipolar LM555 oscillator a 50:50 duty cycle

One resistor makes the classic 555 timer generate a symmetrical square wave 50:50 duty cycle.

2022-02-09 - Bill Schweber

555 timer IC: Still alive and kicking at 50 years

Don’t let its age fool you: this legendary IC is still widely used for simplifying new designs as well as…

2022-01-31 - Majeed Ahmad

Profile of a MOSFET array for always-on power operations

The MOSFET array offers precise temperature tracking characteristics to automatically adjust to changing temperatures for stable, uninterrupted operation.

2022-01-13 - Bill Schweber

Do we still need analog circuit designers?

Designing an IC is an entirely different discipline than doing a discrete circuit, as the former is not just the…