2021-11-23 - Bill Schweber

EMI-resistant ICs provide building-block circuit protection

Besides widely-used add-on approaches to improve EMI resistance, ICs with enhanced EMI protection reduce the need for additional components.

2021-11-09 - John Dunn

Simulation trouble: Bode plotting an oscillator

Using my Multisim SPICE tool to analyze an oscillator, I ran into a little bit of simulation trouble.

2021-11-02 - Majeed Ahmad

Analog IPs for 4-nm and 3-nm process nodes in pipeline

Analog and mixed-signal IP suppliers are readying their offerings for process nodes spanning from 5nm to 3nm.

2021-10-26 - Keith Nicholas

Understanding the benefits of pre-charge buffers in ADCs

Here is how pre-charge buffers benefit both analog input path and reference input path in high-performance analog-to-digital converters.

2021-10-21 - Ken Ghadia

How PCB design guidelines improve signal integrity

A well-designed PCB will avoid signal degradation due to attenuation and impedance disruption, and that will ensures robust signal integrity.

2021-10-20 - Bill Schweber

Good print ads can be mini-tutorials for design engineers

Some ads try to enhance a vendor's image, but ones which are basic mini-courses can be very useful in communicating…

2021-10-14 - Majeed Ahmad

The state analog and mixed-signal design talent in 2021

Analog semiconductor companies are not constrained by the lack of growth opportunities but by the availability of analog design engineers.

2021-10-13 - Majeed Ahmad

What’s driving the acquisitions in the analog design realm?

As chip designs combine sensors, analog and digital processing, chipmakers are maneuvering to add design capabilities for combined systems.

2021-10-11 - Majeed Ahmad

The state of analog design industry in 2021 and beyond

The recent flurry of mergers and acquisitions begs a simple question: what's happening in the analog and mixed-signal design realm?

2021-10-06 - Bill Schweber

Right to repair (RTR): Good intentions, but risky as well

Mandating "right to repair" for electronic products seems like a good idea, but it's also worthwhile to review its limitations.