2023-02-01 - Stephen Woodward

555 triangle generator with adjustable frequency, waveshape, and amplitude

A design idea with a 555 analog timer that can generate an arbitrary triangle/sawtooth with its waveshape and frequency controlled…

2022-11-18 - Bill Schweber

Touchscreens defeat CTS

Predictions of a CTS epidemic due to excessive QWERTY keyboard use did not materialize due to widespread adoption of touchscreen…

2022-11-08 - Bill Schweber

MRI story: Are our celebrity priorities misplaced?

We give considerable attention to Hollywood-type celebrities, but what about giving some to those who really create our technology developments?

2022-11-04 - Don Dingee

Why FPGAs and analog haven’t mixed well so far

FPGAs and analog haven't mixed well, but that may be starting to change with new chiplet technology integrating analog blocks.

2022-10-31 - Carolyn Mathas

Phased array antennas: From military to 5G

Phased-array antennas are gaining traction in 5G systems, promising improved signal strength, gain, directivity and bandwidth performance.

2022-09-29 - Lluis Beltran Gil

How to quickly evaluate data converters

This article explains how to record a macro and how to use it within Python and MATLAB environments to automate…

2022-09-07 - Bill Schweber

Debugging: Skill, persistence, luck, and discipline

Although skill at debugging is hard to come by, there are sensible "best practices" that can accelerate the troubleshooting process.

2022-08-30 - Majeed Ahmad

Analog IP reuse supplier opens a design shop in Israel

Thalia, a supplier of analog and mixed-signal IP reuse solutions, is opening a design shop in Israel.

2022-08-24 - Jean-Jaques (JJ) DeLisle

Operational transconductance amplifier (OTA): An overview

OTA, commonly used in analog circuits, is a direct-coupled differential voltage-controlled current source (DVCCS) with high output impedance.

2022-08-19 - Bill Schweber

Piezo audio devices go micro, revitalize output in a big way

The paper-thin, very flexible loudspeaker can turn any surface into an active audio source, giving new meaning to the phrase…