2018-09-17 - John Dunn

Implementing a long-tailed quad

When the powers that be ban the use of sole source parts in an amplitude modulator design, this engineer made…

2018-09-04 - Ewout Martens & Joris Van Driessche

5G design: capacitive reference stabilization for ADCs

When building 5G wireless receivers, SAR ADCs can be coupled with capacitive DACs to stabilize the reference voltage, a key…

2018-08-30 - John Dunn

What caused this outlet strip’s catastrophic failure?

Opening a failed outlet strip reveals something really scary.

2018-08-24 - Ashish Gokhale

A performance-based view of opto-isolators and digital isolators

The design of modern electronic systems come with a unique set of challenges that can be solved by introducing galvanic…

2018-08-16 - John Dunn

Bypass capacitor resonances

Ideal capacitors only exist in textbooks. Every real-world capacitor has additional complexity arising from its physical structure.

2018-08-08 - Sergio Franco

Playing with poles and zeros

Use an op amp to control the location of poles and zeros in the complex plane, and use the natural…

2018-08-03 - Ian Williams

Designing with a simulation test bench for op amps: Small-signal bandwidth

Learn how to verify the parameters of an op amp that define its small-signal bandwidth or frequency response while the…

2018-07-25 - John Dunn

Configuration control and second sourcing

Never blindly rely on vendor configuration control.

2018-07-24 - John Dunn

Cascaded fans for cooling semiconductor assemblies

Air cooling of semiconductor assemblies is often aided by the use of a fan, but can you get greater air…

2018-07-20 - Ron Quan

A guide to using FETs for voltage-controlled circuits, Part 5

The conclusion of this series covers bias servo circuits and offers some final tips.