2018-07-12 - John Dunn

Making impedance measurements in SPICE

You can make impedance measurements using the Bode analyzer, an AC current source, and a current probe.

2018-06-29 - Gheorghe Plasoianu

Electronically-variable capacitor with wide range and high value

Varactors have their uses, but this design is more versatile in many situations.

2018-06-13 - Christopher Paul

Building optimal sensitivity third order low pass filters with a single op amp

This article discusses an approach and provides an executable program that remedies relying on the user to specify different combinations…

2018-05-22 - Sergio Franco

Two-port analysis of negative feedback circuits

Two-port analysis is widely used in the study of negative-feedback circuits.

2018-05-16 - Christopher Paul

Designing second order Sallen-Key low pass filters with minimal sensitivity to component tolerances

This article offers a strategy for minimizing filter response sensitivity.

2018-04-27 - Stephen Woodward

FemtoAmp offers extreme gain range & isolation

Sense down to femtoamps, all the while maintaining a 160 dB gain adjustment range and optical isolation.

2018-04-19 - Christopher Paul

Whatfor art thou, feedback?

Are the ways that we’ve come to characterize and name certain types of feedback accurate?

2018-04-13 - Leo Apostol & Sarvesh Miyan

Factors affecting reference long-term drift performance

Long-term drift, though overlooked, is one of the most important specifications for industrial systems with a life span of 15-20…

2018-04-03 - Mark Stansberry

Natural biodynamic systems to solve health problems

Natural biodynamic systems will be a catalyst for new advances in stem cell research and result in low-cost alternatives to…

2018-03-07 - Michael Dunn

In praise of the common-base: Bench quickie

The common-base configuration is so little used, it doesn’t even register on many engineers’ radar. If that describes you, refresh…